Electric guitars…


So… I’ve been looking at electric guitars for a long while now. Just looking, reading reviews, contemplating where I want blow my hard-earned cash. I’m no professional guitarist by any means, just an amateur looking to get better, play my favorite songs, and jam with some friends.

I currently own an acoustic guitar, Takamine “Jasmine” S35. Meticulous about my purchases, having just $100 (no job at the time), I spent hours looking for the “best” acoustic guitar under $100. Picked her up for $80 off CL, the best purchase I made that year. I used the extra $20 to buy a set of new strings and a capo. 🙂

Back to electric guitars… now that I’m currently employed, and have a bit more savings, I’m looking to spend more on a quality guitar. I’ve narrowed down my search to three guitars: Fender Stratocaster (MIM), Gibson Les Paul Studio, and the Gibson Les Paul Standard (around $400, $800, $1600, respectively). I really love the look of a Les Paul (Ebony finish, above). So…what am I waiting for?

First, I gotta try em out. Feel em. Listen. Depending on the quality of sound, I’ll see if it’s worth the price jumps. I’m almost certain, I’ll be getting a Les Paul (Gibson, not Epiphone, unless someone can truly convince me that an Epiphone has more value for the money).

I’ll update when I finally make my purchase. Let me know what you think… cheers.

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