It’s past lunch-time and I gotta say that these weather changes has me feeling a bit under the weather. I really think I might be getting sick. Health is very important to me, so I do what I can… to me, the hardest part is building habits.

My current status: I sleep around midnight to 1am. I know, I should be sleeping earlier. I wake up around 6:30am, snooze til 7am, get ready for work, then leave around 7:45am. So, I average 5-6 hours of sleep per night when I really want at least 7 hours. I eat breakfast in the morning, usually some yogurt with fruit/granola, an occasional breakfast biscuit, and take a multi-vitamin. I try to stay hydrated throughout the day, water and tea. I get really tired around 2pm. I’ve been lacking a lot of physical activity, even though I have a gym membership… lack of time and motivation. I buy food at the cafeteria almost daily, at least they’re cooked with good ingredients, but it gets pricey and not always the healthiest option. I’m usually very busy, so I get home at night, tired. I need to keep moving forward… take the necessary steps towards a better well-being.

“Health is happiness.”

What I should be stopping and/or avoiding:
– Bad foods: fast foods, hydrogenated oils, processed foods, sugary drinks, simple/processed carbs, sugar.
– Cigarettes. I’ve kicked the habit for years, then I suddenly relapsed. But lately, I’ve been able to stop myself from asking or buying any packs.
– Wasting time instead of sleeping. I could be sleeping at earliest, 11:15pm, but I seem to get distracted easily.
– Eating out too much. Costly.

What I should be doing:
– Drink plenty of water and take vitamins. Daily.
– Getting more sleep.
– Making time to go to the gym and start a regular routine.
– Good foods: simple meals rich with nutrition, non-processed, fresh foods, more fruits and vegetables, good proteins and fats. (Yes, fats are important too.)

“Finish what you start.” I will. I’ll do some weekly updates.

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