How To Break Up With A Friend

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One thought on “How To Break Up With A Friend

  1. peacEASY says:

    I believe that any two people, whether it be friendship or relationship, if willing, can find ways to amend their differences. Usually the conflicts and struggles make the friendship even stronger after getting through. What once was the thought, “This is it. It’s over.” can change to, “If we could get through that… then we could get through anything.”

    But, these words do hold merit. I can feel where she’s coming from. Two weeks ago, someone I used to consider the girl of my dreams “broke up” with me. We were never officially in a relationship, but we became very close, very fast…maybe too fast. Suddenly, her feelings changed from day to night, I was confused, dumbfounded at what had happened. I asked. She didn’t really know either… she said we were too much “alike.” I didn’t buy it.

    We left at good terms, still friends, actually. But is that really possible? To be just friends with someone who you were romantically involved with. Some say a clean cut is the best, but we still find happiness with each other.

    I guess when it boils down to the root of it, we both lacked trust.

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