Gibson Les Paul



Went to Guitar Center last night to check out some Les Paul’s… I’m convinced that it will be my first electric guitar… I’ve ruled out Epiphones and even the Studios line. I’m down to the Standard, Traditional, and Classic. The one I fell in love with was a Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro in vintage sunburst… it felt good to the hands, a bit heavy but in a good way, and the sound was amazing.

I was really tempted to leave the store with that guitar, but I didn’t bite the bullet just yet. I will. I also fell in love with the guitar pictured above… it’s part of a new line. Not only was it a beautiful guitar, but strangely fragrant. Is it the Alpine?

I tried out about five Les Paul’s that night, and I’m certain I’m gonna get one by the end of this month. Now to find the one… That’s my update on that.

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