This stuff is golden.

This stuff is golden.

I’ve always preferred face to face conversations and even phone calls rather than text messages. For one, its really to get lost in translation when it comes to texting. And this website is proof of that. Some of this stuff is hilarious! No wonder why women are so confused and disgruntled, they can’t even decipher blatantly obvious texts.

Women, men are simple, if we like you… we’ll make time to see you. If we did like you, we’ll leave a short message, and thank you and then we’ll move on. And if we don’t like you, most likely, we’ll be “busy.” (Busy with someone that’s worth the time.)

Anyways… this website is chock full of personality. We all need to keep beating around the bush…but I guess everybody has to play the game. Heh.

[edit: after 30 minutes of reading some of this stuff]

Damn, some of em are funny cause it’s really obvious, but the girl can’t see it. But some…some, are messed up. It makes me angry at some of this stuff I read, it’s these fools that mess shit up for us, nice guys (who eventually become jerks cause of the bullshit they had to go through with these battered women who use em to get over their self-esteem issues).

Whatever. The cycle goes on.

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