What am I doing? Two, this week. Two cigarettes, that is.

I’ve noticed that I may be in the wrong profession.

This is my haven, my room. And yet, everyday I tolerate coming to an office where I sit in front of a computer doing mundane and repetitious tasks, month after month. Accounting. Not taken for granted, it allowed me to get the stuff I have, and I enjoy the company and the people at work. But this isn’t where I saw myself five years ago.

But I’m getting there.

I had plenty of path’s I could have taken, or still can: the film producer, the musician, the architect, the computer scientist and the entrepreneur. But I played it safe, I went with accounting. It may not have been the best choice… but it’s probably the right choice.

Why are cigarettes and my job in this post? Well, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about technology manufacturing companies… is that most smokers are engineers and mostly male, and finance is usually more female. I guess that’s it. Really no point in this.

Have a pleasant Friday.

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