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While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Santana feat. India Irie – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
One of my favorite Beatles songs by one of my favorite guitarists.

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This isn’t about the piece above. This is about 432 Hz.

This isn’t news, but I only found out about the 432 Hz frequency this past weekend. Supposedly, the modern music standard has set the Concert A tuned to 440 Hz. However, during ancient times and in many long-standing cultures today (such as Tibetan monks) set their instruments tuned to A=432 Hz. Why?

Because 432 Hz is said to be the natural tone of the universe (big claim). That its frequencies when set to A=432 Hz provides the most natural resonance and harmonics. Many believe that songs set to 432 Hz sound more pleasant, easier to sing, and is harmony with the heart, rather than the thought. So in essence, its more spiritual. It also follows the Golden Ratio, the Divine Proportion, and/or Fibonacci series. Very fascinating.

Some even claim that these tones have healing abilities. I find some validity. After all, its been proven that sound waves are more than just sounds (i.e. the vibrations of a high note can shatter glass and we can “see” using ultrasounds, technologies like sonar, etc).

Rebuttal time. These aren’t real numbers, like Pi, numbers aren’t even really real. (It sounds crazy, but think about it, have you ever seen 1 or 0, its subjective.) I don’t really hear a significant difference from 440Hz to 432Hz, not enough to say: “Wow, that’s really different, sounds a lot better, more soothing” as some are saying.

Who’s to say it’s still 432Hz, this universe is either constantly expanding or compressing (or both), that the frequencies can be very different now or impossible to track with constant change. Then there’s all the conspiracy mumbo jumbo tied with it, like how the Nazi’s enforced the 440Hz frequency. Then there are claims of other “healing” tones like 528Hz, 396Hz or “fear” tones like 19Hz.

But when you think about it… remember the emergency broadcasts? The attention tones are a combination of 853 and 960 Hz, and it did have an “alarming” feel to it. And I’m sure everyone can relate that certain songs evoke certain feelings and emotions.

Sometimes, I feel like its a placebo effect. That we think things into fruition (like “The Secret” which I also watched recently). This is about as far as I’ll go with this theory, anymore, people start getting  complicated… specially when it gets into numerology. Start to get all 23 on us, finding connections using every single equation possible to come to “preferred” solutions.

All I know, a good sounding song is a good sounding song, vice-versa. I’m still gonna listen to my favorite artists and I’m not going to drop the pitch of all my favorite songs from 440Hz to 432Hz. I gave it a try, it sounds pretty similar.

Does anyone know of good anecdotal evidence that 432Hz music is more “natural”? Or even personal experiences with this tones? I’d love to know. 

432 Hz

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Vintage Sunburst



This was an interesting, not so eventful weekend. I did make the largest one-payment, purchase of my life: a Gibson Les Paul (Standard Traditional Pro) and it sings like a dream.

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Gibson Les Paul



Went to Guitar Center last night to check out some Les Paul’s… I’m convinced that it will be my first electric guitar… I’ve ruled out Epiphones and even the Studios line. I’m down to the Standard, Traditional, and Classic. The one I fell in love with was a Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro in vintage sunburst… it felt good to the hands, a bit heavy but in a good way, and the sound was amazing.

I was really tempted to leave the store with that guitar, but I didn’t bite the bullet just yet. I will. I also fell in love with the guitar pictured above… it’s part of a new line. Not only was it a beautiful guitar, but strangely fragrant. Is it the Alpine?

I tried out about five Les Paul’s that night, and I’m certain I’m gonna get one by the end of this month. Now to find the one… That’s my update on that.

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Electric guitars…


So… I’ve been looking at electric guitars for a long while now. Just looking, reading reviews, contemplating where I want blow my hard-earned cash. I’m no professional guitarist by any means, just an amateur looking to get better, play my favorite songs, and jam with some friends.

I currently own an acoustic guitar, Takamine “Jasmine” S35. Meticulous about my purchases, having just $100 (no job at the time), I spent hours looking for the “best” acoustic guitar under $100. Picked her up for $80 off CL, the best purchase I made that year. I used the extra $20 to buy a set of new strings and a capo. 🙂

Back to electric guitars… now that I’m currently employed, and have a bit more savings, I’m looking to spend more on a quality guitar. I’ve narrowed down my search to three guitars: Fender Stratocaster (MIM), Gibson Les Paul Studio, and the Gibson Les Paul Standard (around $400, $800, $1600, respectively). I really love the look of a Les Paul (Ebony finish, above). So…what am I waiting for?

First, I gotta try em out. Feel em. Listen. Depending on the quality of sound, I’ll see if it’s worth the price jumps. I’m almost certain, I’ll be getting a Les Paul (Gibson, not Epiphone, unless someone can truly convince me that an Epiphone has more value for the money).

I’ll update when I finally make my purchase. Let me know what you think… cheers.

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