Indie Game: The Movie

If you got Netflix, then this is a movie to see.



This movie is probably this month’s favorite indie film. It’s about independent game producers and pretty much creating something that they put their entire souls into. It makes me rethink my career choices.

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, it began with the question: What do you want to do?

He replied: I dunno, man. I’m lazy. One day, I drew a Venn diagram asking myself three things: 1) Things that I’m good at. 2) Things that make money. 3) Things that I like to do. And I couldn’t find anything to do. How about you?

I got a lot of things I want to do, a lot of thoughts run through my head.

I wish I had enough, I don’t think enough things run through mine.

Yeah, I want to own a cafe, I wanted to produce films… a lot. I just don’t know which one…

(end conversation)

And it made me think about this movie. I pretty much grew up with the PC-era (personal computer, not politically correct). My parents were no programmers, but my dad was forced to be an early adopter of the computer, he was an engineer and they were moving from manual CAD design to automated CAD. So he bought one.

486 processor, probably 133mhz, couple megabytes of ram, and came with both style floppy drives. I grew up entering DOS commands because Windows was still 3.1 and it was a lot easier to navigate and play game demos through DOS. Anyways… I grew up watching the PC grow and the Internet boom, I’m still amazed by it to this day.

I got accepted as a Computer Science undergraduate student, but I didn’t even give it a chance. But now, I often wondered what it would be like if I was a programmer. And what game I would make. I’m rambling…

Watch this movie!

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“To trust. To be completely vulnerable with someone and feel invincible at the same time.”

When asked, “What do you look for in a relationship?”

“To trust. To be complet…



I don’t like liars… and I don’t like when I lie. No lies are good, not even white lies.

Things that are personal have flaws, they have vulnerabilities. If you don’t see a vulnerability in somebody, you’re probably not relating to them on a very personal level.

Things that are personal …

This stuff is golden.

This stuff is golden.

I’ve always preferred face to face conversations and even phone calls rather than text messages. For one, its really to get lost in translation when it comes to texting. And this website is proof of that. Some of this stuff is hilarious! No wonder why women are so confused and disgruntled, they can’t even decipher blatantly obvious texts.

Women, men are simple, if we like you… we’ll make time to see you. If we did like you, we’ll leave a short message, and thank you and then we’ll move on. And if we don’t like you, most likely, we’ll be “busy.” (Busy with someone that’s worth the time.)

Anyways… this website is chock full of personality. We all need to keep beating around the bush…but I guess everybody has to play the game. Heh.

[edit: after 30 minutes of reading some of this stuff]

Damn, some of em are funny cause it’s really obvious, but the girl can’t see it. But some…some, are messed up. It makes me angry at some of this stuff I read, it’s these fools that mess shit up for us, nice guys (who eventually become jerks cause of the bullshit they had to go through with these battered women who use em to get over their self-esteem issues).

Whatever. The cycle goes on.

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Vintage Sunburst



This was an interesting, not so eventful weekend. I did make the largest one-payment, purchase of my life: a Gibson Les Paul (Standard Traditional Pro) and it sings like a dream.

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Feelings from friendship.

Is it so difficult to separate feelings from friendship?

It’s been three weeks since we’ve been “done.” A relationship that would have been, but didn’t. We gave it a chance, but it didn’t work. It’s true what they say, “You don’t choose who you love.” I loved her, I still do. But her love belongs to someone else. So what else is there to salvage?

A friendship? Many say it isn’t possible, not when you have a history. But I’m trying to fight against the odds here, I don’t want her to fall away. I still care… and I’m not hoping for us to rekindle the spark, but at least leave each other in good standing.

My parents still feel like there’s hope. I believe in love, I do. But not like this. Our hopes for a relationship is gone, but the love is still. We aren’t us, we aren’t “BFF’s” (like my mom called us, **** that), we are who we are. And I just care from the sincerity of my heart.

Man, screw this.



I took a personality test a few years ago, and retook it again recently to see if I had changed. Looks like I’m still an ENFJ.

You can take the same test here. They call my archetype, The Giver. (found here)

Now, I’m not quite the type to believe in luck or I don’t find the scientific method to be a set and stone answer to many questions, but my descriptions are very much accurate to who I am. At first I was skeptical, thinking to myself, “Oh, these are just generalizations and anyone can probably relate.” So I read the others, specially the ones that are considered my “natural partner,” and found that they are very different people.

Is this important? No. Not really. It’s no where near conclusive or definitive to who I am, but it did help me look at myself. ENFJ’s are people persons, but the weakness lies where we often hold the interests of others over our own. And when it comes to relationships, I’ll admit, I am protective and can be smothering/overwhelming.

The last girl I was seeing (an INFJ/INFP) said that “we’re too much alike.” I beg to differ. We’re not alike at all, but it’s in my nature to adapt to my surroundings and to the people close to me. I absorb your interests and feel for your what you’re passionate about. One of my friends, also an ENFJ, described us as “chameleons.” It’s probably why I tend to get along well with many people I meet, I strive to understand where they’re coming from. But reading her type, I can see where I went wrong. (Long story.)

How about you? Leave a comment if your personality type describes who you think you really are.